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Peter Anderson

Hi Ericka!

Absolutely. Whenever you save your course, Storyline puts aside what's called the source file - that'll be the .story file. When you publish a course, Storyline creates what is called an output folder, and that contains a collection different files, all of which are necessary to view a published course. 

But anytime you want to go back in and make edits, you'll use the .story source file. Just be sure to save and re-publish after each edit you want to make

David Cassidy


I have a similar question. I have published courses that are held in a personal network drive at work. I had a virus on my work computer and had to have it re-imaged and wiped clean. I had to reload Articulate Storyline, and no longer have this specific course showing. Can I somehow publish it back from my drive to Storyline so I can again make edits?

Thanks much, David

Peter Anderson

Hey David!

Really sorry to hear about the virus issues. 

Unfortunately, without a backup copy of the .story file, there's no way to use the published output to make edits or other changes to your project. The best way to think of the published output, is as a baked cake containing all the ingredients you put into it, but once baked (published), there's no way to un-bake it. 

Perhaps your IT team might be able to recover your lost file(s)?