Can you have more than one course completion trigger?

If there are multiple completion triggers within a course will the trigger work if they at least hit one of them? Or will having multiple course completion triggers cause issues? I have one at a specific slide within the course and then another one on the Exit Course button, which may be redundant but we have had issues with course completions passing to the LMS in the past.     

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Randy Hill

So you are not actually incorporating a course completion trigger, you are just submitting interactions or results to the lms. The actual course completion is based off of the player scorm tracking settings. When the submit results or submit interaction is passed over, if it meets the completion criteria the lms recognizes it as complete. You can submit as many times as you want really. If you are having an issue with courses being marked complete, I would be more interested in what your tracking and reporting settings are in the lms export.

Michelle Prince

Thank you.

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