Can you hide specific slides in a course created in Storyline 360?

I was asked by a colleague if you are able to hide specific slides in a course you build, before you publish it. She wanted to know if there was a way to just temporarily hide the slide(s), without deleting it/them, in case she wanted to just not include the slide(s) in one version of the course, and have the slide(s) included in another? When publishing, there is the option to publish the whole course, only one slide or one scene, which doesn't help, as there would still be multiple slides in the course she wants to keep, just not a couple here and there, so I wanted to reach out and ask if there is a way to do this.

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Susi B


there are different ways of achieving this. One would be to put the slides you don´t want to be in the course into a seperate scene and not connect this scene to any trigger and just delete it from the menu.

Another option, if you want the slides to stay at the position they are in the course, you can adjust the next/previous trigger of the slides before and after the slide you want to hide to jump to an exact slide. For example you want slide number 2 to be "hidden". So you adjust the next trigger on slide 1 to jump to slide 3 instead of next slide and on slide 3 the trigger for jumping back in the course to slide 1 instead of the previeous slide. Only "problem" would be that if the user jumps manually through the course and lets say he clicks from slide 5 on slide 3 and hits the previous button he lands on slide 1 instead of slide 5. Here you have to delete the slides from the menu too.

It pretty much depends on what you want to do/achieve and how the user can navigate. But I think the easiest way would be to build 2 versions of the course (copy the one with all slides and delete the not used slides) or use the scene version and add a note where the slides used to be positioned.

There is no build in option for this. I hope this was not too confusing. :)