Can you import a Presenter Player Template into Storyline?

I'm converting some Presenter courses into Storyline and I'd like to duplicate the look and feel of the original course without a lot of extra work.  Is it possible to import the color scheme from a Presenter course into Storyline?  I imported slides, but the Storyline template is the "default".    I have the color "road maps"  for both products, but converting from one to the other will take a lot of time that I don't really have.   Suggestions?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Joyce,

If a PowerPoint presentation includes Articulate Presenter resources, the information contained in the player template—such as navigation settings, text labels, and colors—will not be imported into Storyline when you import the presentation.

You'll need to configure these settings in the Storyline player.

See also:

So, you'll need to try and recreate that design for use in Storyline, if you want to carry over the same colors in your new courses.

Good luck with the project, Joyce!