Can you jump to a slide in Presenter from embedded SL interaction?

I've created a cool little interaction in Storyline and have embedded it into Presenter as a web object. It functions as I expect but I would like to prevent users from skipping ahead to the next slide in Presenter until they complete the embedded interaction. The best way to do this, I figure, is to lock the slide in Presenter and then when the user completes the SL interaction, SL displays a CONTINUE button within the interaction. When the user clicks on this button, it should jump to the next slide in Presenter.

We used to be able to do this with Flash and Presenter using the _level0.ArtAPI.PlaySlideNum(2) function. Is there something similar I can execute using a Javascript trigger in SL?



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Phil Mayor

Hi Stephanie, I expect you could build a flash button in AS2 embed that into SL but I dont think it will work, as you will be referencing SL and not presenter.  You could try appending this to the link of your presentation ?slide=[slide #] (where slide # = the slide number that you want to go to).

This may open another incidence of your course, or may link within your course