Can you link to a layer from text within a button state of visted in storyline 2

Hi, I am trying to link to a layer from text within a button state of visited. Is that possible? I add the text to the button state of visited but when I try to add a show layer trigger to the selected text I only see unassigned or insert a new layer. I attached a screenshot to help describe what I am trying to do. I appreciate any help with this.



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Russell Amundsen

Hi Wendy, the issue is not getting the button state of visited to display the text. It is can I link to a layer from within that text that is displayed. I attached a sample of what I am trying to do. When the user clicks on the button the visited state displays the text. The bold lettered works in that text need to link to the two respective layers with their definitions. I hope that makes sense.   

Crystal Horn

Hey there Russell!  You won't be able to reliably add triggers to the elements added to an object as a result of a state change.  So I have two suggested workarounds for you.  

Option A (sample attached):  Add a transparent shape to the slide where those vocab terms appear.  I mean that you should add it to the slide itself, on the timeline, and not to the visited state of your button.  You'll need to literally put your finger on the screen where that term is when you're viewing the visited state of your button so that when you add the shape, you'll know where to put it.  Set the initial state of your shape to hidden, and add a trigger to change the state of that shape to normal when the user clicks the button.  That way, when your user clicks on the vocab term, they'll really be clicking on the shape.  Then add a trigger to the shape to show the layer!

Option B:  Instead of adding that text to the visited state of the button, is it possible to create a layer that displays with the text while still showing the base layer?  Then you can add triggers right to the text on the layer to jump to subsequent layers with the definitions.

I hope that gets you going in the right direction.  I used this post for inspiration.  :D