Can you loop a video within an object state?

Dec 04, 2017

Hello. I have a video playing in an object's selected state. Is there any way to loop within a state? I know I can loop in the timeline using a trigger (Play Media when media completes), but since no timeline in a state, perhaps it's not possible.

FYI: I'm not putting the video into a layer because I want to have only audio in those layers (as suggested by a different post as a way to ensure audio stops when each object is clicked). 

Thank you!

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Beth Haselhorst

Good idea Walt. What I did was added the video to the layer where the audio lives so the video would be on a timeline and I could loop it using a trigger (Play Media when Media Completes). The video also lives in the state so that when the layer is hidden once you leave it, the static image of the video from the state still displays. Not sure if that's the best way to do it, but it's what I discovered. 

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