Can you make flip cards stay visible after clicking?

I am new to Articulate and saw a cool feature in Rise where there were 3 cards (boxes) that flipped to reveal text on the back of each card. Each card stayed open after you clicked on them. 

I've created the flip action in Storyline 360 using layers and swivel animation but cards flip back over when I click on another card. Is there a way to make them all stay open once flipped?


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Esther Kim

Hi Gale, 

Did you get this to work for you and if so, do you mind sharing steps on how you did this? I'm brand new to AS and making updates to existing AS files to improve our training, and we've received feedback that it'd be preferable to have flip cards stay visible once they've been clicked. Ideally, users should be able to click in random order and whatever they've clicked on will remain visible. If you can share specific steps as I don't even know about AS to "set the layer so it doesn't close" that would be very helpful. 



Crystal Horn

Hi there, Esther!  I'll leave it to Gale to go into details about her setup.  But I wanted to give you some tips on working with layers.  You can set each layer's properties to hide other layers (or not!) when the layer opens:

If you've got any other specific questions, we're happy to jump in and help!