Can You Make Keyboard Shortcuts Even "Niftier" With a Gaming Mouse??

First, I'd like to thank e-Learning heroes for a wonderful support community.  It's such an awesome thing to have this great resource.  Thank you.

Second: These shortcuts are awesome!

Third (and last): When you use a gaming mouse can you program your favorite hotkeys into the mouse?  I haven't tried at the office yet, but I would love to know as I use a gaming mouse at home for lots of applications to speed up my work flow.

It would be nice when I need to....

  • Preview a screen: hit a pre-programmed mouse button.
  • Preview a scene: hit a pre-programmed mouse button.
  • Cut, Copy, Paste: hit pre-programmed mouse buttons.
  • etc. etc. etc.: All with pre-programmed mouse buttons

Has anyone tried this yet?


fyi:  If anyone is curious, I use the Logitech G502 mouse.

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Joseph Jani

Hi Ron,

First of all, Your keyboard is awesome!

Regarding your question, this is definitely achievable! I am using a gaming mouse as well, a Corsair M65 RGB keyboard and put a macro command to my "Target" button that is placed on the left face of my mouse and normally pressed by my thumb. 

You can just assign Keyboard combination using your Logitech device management software. 

Articulate has a page that compiles all the keyboard shortcuts of Storyline 360 which can be found here.

e.g: assign the keyboard combination SHIFT + F12 as a shortcut keystroke for Preview Scene to one your mouse' keystroke configuration within the product software.

Hope this helps,

P.S: sorry for the late response.

Thank you,