Can you make the Player smaller?

Hi there, 

I'm creating content in Rise for a client and had a question in terms of the player in Storyline. 

We have some audio/video files that we were putting in lessons that should play throughout the lesson. We didn't use the audio feature in Rise, because the audio stopped playing once a participant clicked on something interactive (such as a tab or accordion). We opted to use Storyline instead, as that audio will play throughout the whole lesson in Rise. 

When we put Storyline in Rise, the player appears very large on the screen. I wanted to know, is there a way to shrink the size of the player? To make it appear less big when it's brought into Rise?


Thank you

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Jordan!  It looks like you might have the volume button on the player.  The player will be large enough to accommodate the features you've included.  To make a "chromeless" player, or one that is quite minimized, check out these tips.

One note:  Depending on the device being used to view your Rise course, learners may see either the classic player (like in your screenshot), or the responsive player (if they are taking the course on a mobile device).  The responsive player will shift according to the size of the device and its orientation.

Let me know if you have more questions!