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Christie Pollick

Hi, Larry -- At this point, you would only be able to link a website or a file from your local drive using these steps, however this article on using Lightbox slides as course resources could prove useful as a workaround. Please also note that player can have custom tabs to Lightbox a slide or jump to slide. Hope this helps!

Kimberly Hemingway

Hi SL Gurus,

Does anyone know if it is possible, or if there is a work around to make opening the Resources in the Player a mandatory step before advancing?

For example, I want my students to open the Resources before advancing to the next slide. They need the references to continue the course and to answer questions.  I have a told them "OPEN REFERENCES DOCUMENTS BEFORE STARTING QUESTIONS" in bold and orange. However, If the student misses this step they may get the questions wrong.  I can keep repeating the warning message, but this seems amateurish.

Thanks for your help,


Christie Pollick

Hi, Kimberly - 

Unfortunately, what you would like to do as far as setting it up so that students must open Resources before advancing to the next slide is not possible with the built in functionality of Storyline. What I would suggest is make the Warning box quite a bit larger so it takes up more of the screen and is close to impossible to miss. Hopefully some other members in the community can chime in with input!