Can you populate an Essay Quiz slide with a variable?

Oct 10, 2014


I am working on a scenario where students input text on a number of different slides and save it as they go. Im using javascript to collect the input (appending it to a new variable) for later where I am able to display their input back to them. That works fine.

What I really want though is for them to be able to edit their input before submitting it all.

On an Essay quiz slide timeline I can add javascript to call the variable into the essay text box, but it did not work. 

Is it possible to pre-populate a quiz essay input box ?



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Bruce Holliday

Hello Phil,

Ive uploaded a prototype to demonstrate my problem. I ideally would drop slide 2 for slide 3, which would be editable.

I tried to assign the value as you suggest but that was output as a literal string.

I am using a trigger - timeline start slide 3.

See the attached file for reference.

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