can you pre format text in a blank text entry box?

Jan 18, 2017

I need an answer for a question in a maths object to be 2.5 × 10^6. Is it possible to have the last digit in the textbox made superscript? I'm thinking not but there might be.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bruce, 

There isn't a way to preformat the text for a text entry or a variable reference to have things go into a superscript. I know there have been a few users who asked about mathematical equations in the past, but I don't know specifics of how to accomplish this in Storyline. I have also seen a  older reply about a math editor that you could use and insert the elements into Storyline.

Phil Mayor

May not work for you but you could use 2 text boxes one smaller than the other so the would input 2.5 and the x10  would be text and the other textbox they would never just the 6 but it would be in the superscript position.

Of course this would mean your question would need tp be changed to accommodate two textboxes, a workaround of sorts.

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