Can you re-use a screen recording?

I'm sure the answer to this question is in here somewhere, but I'm not finding it. 

I made a screen recording in one project that I'd like to use in another.  Can I import it to a different project and then use the imported file both as a video and in try or test mode?  If so, is there any special way I'd need to save it? 

My issue is that I'm expecting to need to make several attempts to produce several short videos just as I'd like them to be.  To do this, I don't want to potentially mess up my "real" project with all of the starts and stops.  If it's possible to record to a different storyline project, save the video and then bring them into the "real" project, that would be really helpful.  When I go to "insert" I don't see an option to import a screen recording from somewhere else (or even where I'd look to find that file if it's an option.)

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Joyce Hensen

When you do the import, it appears that it has to be from the "video scene" version that hasn't been used in another version.  After putting together three different "try scenes" in one Storyline, I attempted to import them into a different course.  The result was that a few (3 of 17) of the "try scene" slides were imported.  What's even stranger is that they were random slides, not 3 in a row. 

To try to remedy the problem (and not make a new screen recording) I re-inserted the video as a video in the original story, saved it and closed Storyline.  Then, I opened the file where I wanted the recording to be inserted and followed the steps.  No luck.  It created a new scene, but the scene didn't include the video.  So... I guess I'm back to having to re-record, unless someone has another suggestion.

Gerry Wasiluk

Hi, this is a known issue.

Your best option is to save out your previous project with your video in as a new project.  Delete all the slides but the one containing the video.  Then import the new slides that you have created to go with this video.

Painful but until this fixed, it may be the best solution.