Can you set a presentation to expire after a certain date ?

Sep 24, 2018

I would like to submit a presentation for review to several people but I would like to prevent the presentation to work after let's say 60 days, so that obsolete version are no longer in circulation.

How can I do that ?

Thanks !

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Tom Kuhlmann

Where are you uploading the presentation? I upload mine to Amazon S3 and use Cloudberry Explorer. When I create a URL, I have an option to  expire the URL. The service you upload the course to, may have something similar.

If you're using Articulate 360, you can publish to Review and then provide a link. If you delete the file, the link no longer works. Or you can upload an create a password. Then change the password after the expiration date to prevent people from accessing the link.

Philippe JEANTY

Well your answer is great ! Right now I was simply going to upload to Dropbox, but this looks MUCH better ! So you upload the HTML file (the zip file ?) and it can be accessed by user ? Is this a big challenge to do ? I had tried the Articulate web hosting that worked very simply but I still working on this presentation and I didn't want to have to pa for something that would be used very occasionally for debugging.

How much manipulations do you need to do for it to run and be accessible ?

Thanks for this great answer and all your excellent tutorials ! They were the reason I decided for SL3 !


@Tom... See my reply to Rachel that starts here with some subsequent clarification posts in the thread. Basically, it's a simple JS code to determine "elapsed time" from a hard coded "created date" and the current date, along with a StoryLine trigger comparison that displays a "course expired" message (layer) if the elapsed time exceeds the allowed time. 

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