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Crystal Horn

Hi Ashley!  I don't have experience digging that deeply into our published output files, and we are really shy about making any modifications to them.  We only support output as it's published, and that way, we can address issues if they come up.

Are you having an issue with your completion settings?  Our support engineers can give you a hand with taking a closer look at your output. 

Senthil Kumar

Hi, here is the answer for your second question

Step1: Open Mobile Folder from Published Files (Storyline 2)

Step2: Open Data.js in notepad - remember this file is encrypted

Step3. Find / Look for "maxvalue" or "mustpass",

if the word is there in the file then the completion status is upon quiz result.



if the word is not there then the completion status is upon slide visit




Ashley Schwartau

No, no problems, just trying to figure out an easy way to determine HOW a course was published by looking at the output, to verify it was done for quiz score vs slides viewed. Sometimes clients will come back saying "this isn't working"! and it'll come down to a course not tracking how they expected in an LMS which often comes down to them providing us the wrong settings, and we like to verify that we did something as per the provided settings. I thought that there must exist a faster way than opening up a course and hoping that the publishing settings that are there are in fact accurate.