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Gustaf Sylvin

Hi Ashley.

I want to use the score.point variable to decide which layer to show after a quiz. Depending on how well you perform the quiz, one of three layers will give you feedback. 0 to 4 points: Please try a lower level. 5-8p: train same more on this level. 9-10p: Proceed to the next level.

This is easily done if you use "regular" questions but I am not sure if this can be done with questions in a bank. Do you understand what I am trying to achieve?



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Gustaf,

So the layers are on the Results slides, not the questions themselves right? What are the "levels" they'll be directed to? The results slide can be set up to show different layers based on the score the user receives - and the ones built in are just success or failure, and based on the passing points you set up, but you could add additional layers and you'll then need to set the score range for when that layer would be shown in the conditions of that trigger. 

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Gustaf,

Although this tutorial (screencast) uses a pick one quiz question, it DOES illustrate using layers in the way Ashley has described above.

There's a sample of the .story file at this #Articulate community forum if you'd like to see how it's put together:

Please shout out with any questions.