Can you use Storyline (or Engage) as standalone elearning?


I'm new to Storyline and Engage.

Can you use Storyline (or Engage) as standalone elearning i.e., not tracked and not housed on an LMS?

Also, does the capability exist to input and send learner details to a central point?

The client doesn't have an LMS or require trackin gof scores, but does need a register of who attends and completes the course.


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Gerry Wasiluk


For one option, check the threads on using Google forms--you could insert a Google form in a Storyline course and use that to have folks sign in.

Here's one thread: 

Hopefully, if you choose to pursue this, you won't run into the issues that Lauren did.  I've had good luck with it.

Tessa Kerrich - Walker

Hi Gerry

That's I think that will be the perfect solution. I'll have to play around with the form though but it should work!

I really really appreciate your quick response and it was super helpful! I'm new to the community and can't wait to get involved with Storyline and learn a bit more about the tool. I'm an old school ID who sends my learning to my flash dev guys

Anyway thanks again!