Can you use triggers or specific code to control the replay button per slide?


I have a pretty simple course in which the user at moments in the course cannot continue until they have viewed a simulation. So I put triggers on those slides disabling the "Next" button until something is clicked on. But on these particular slides, the replay button won't work. I don't understand the correlation between the "Next" button and the "Replay" button. Can someone tell me if there is a way to control the "Replay" in particular for these specific slides? Hope that was clear.



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Nadja Sherelis

Thanks Jose, I tried that and it works. My only concern is will this effect the LMS completion or bookmarking? The completion is based on the number of slides they visit to get a complete or incomplete. No assessment in this one. May be asking prematurely because I haven't been able to test it yet on the LMS.