Cannot access Content 360

Hello.  Is anyone else having this issue?

I'm trying to access pictures from Content Library 360 and keep getting these errors.  First I get this screen which is full of warning icons (Error 1.jpg), then when I try to insert a random image from the error screen, I get this second error message (Download Failed.jpg)


How can I resolve this?


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Ike de Guzman

Hi, Lauren.  Thanks for getting back to me yesterday.  Somehow, just after I got this message, the problem was resolved.  I now have access to Content Library.  My issue now is that I don’t see the thumbnails of the images which is a bit frustrating.  Hopefully, this problem will resolve itself also.

Thanks again.

Becca Levan

Hey Ike!

So sorry you're still hitting a roadblock with Content Library—I can understand the frustration!

If you've already allowed and opened the network endpoints and ports detailed here, I'd recommend enlisting our Support Engineers to help troubleshoot as the next step!

Feel free to open a case here, so one of my teammates can reach out and help get to the bottom of this!