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Crystal Horn

Hello Aarthi!  I'm happy to try to help.

Your computer might want to use Storyline 3 to open all .story files now.  If you highlight your .story file, and then right-click, you should have the option to "Open with..."   You'll want to choose Storyline 2, and it may also prompt you to make Storyline 2 the default program to open those types of files.

You can also open Storyline 2, and use the "Browse for more" option at the start up screen.

You can then find your Storyline 2 files and open them directly in Storyline 2.

The file you created in Storyline 3 is not backwards compatible, so you won't be able to use Storyline 2 to open or edit it.  If you upgraded any Storyline 2 projects to Storyline 3, it will have created a backup file in Storyline 2 format that looks like this:

filename - SL2 backup.story 

You can open the backup in Storyline 2.

Let me know if that helps!