Cannot add Grid and guides to quick access toolbar


I'm often switching 'snap objects' functions in my courses. I wanted to add 'grid and guides' menu to the quick access toolbar, so I won't have to move to view everytime I need the options. But the option at grid and guides is greyed out. And making random test - you can add practically everything (some things won't have icon though). Is there a reason to that behavior?

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Walt Hamilton

I checked in SL2 and 360 (unsure about other versions). In Sl2, in story view Guides is greyed out,


but in slide view it is visible


In 360, in story view, Guides is greyed out, but Grid and Guides is available


and in slide view they are both available.I would guess that the ones without an icon on the ribbon don't have an icon to use in the QAT.