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Joelle Urbanczyk

I'm working locally and have even tried uninstalling and re-installing the

I'm attaching the story file. I cannot attach a trigger to either png's in
the slider master, nor the "this is a test" text box on first slide.

I don't understand what is happening.

Please help! I'm on an extremely tight timeline for this project.

Joelle Urbanczyk

Have you heard of anyone else not being able to see the trigger window when
it pops up? I think that may be the issue.

My second copy of Storyline installed on another computer is working fine.

I'm not aware of a view setting that would cause the trigger window to not

Joelle Urbanczyk

I'm working in Storyline 1, not 2. So, I don't even have a redock all
windows option.

I've ensured my DPI setting is correct.

The trigger pop-up window is hidden or something. I can click an object and
click create a new trigger but the window never appears.

To be able to click or do anything in Storyline again, I have to hit Esc to
be able to do so.