cannot align player logo with menu

How can I get the white box, representing client logo, to left align with the menu text? Client really wants this.

I already tried removing the extra Transcript and Resources tab. The logo is a PNG saved at 200 pixels which is the widest allotted size for the logo according to the Articulate website.

Storyline file attached.

Please halp.

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megan jonas

Check this out.

It's working fine if the design is set to 4:3 but adds extra space on the left and right margins in the logo area if the design is set to 16:9.

The result is a scaled down logo that doesn't align properly.

Here is a screen-cap I took comparing the two publishes using the same 200x220 pixel logo. 200 pixels wide becomes 174 pixels. I used in-browser developer tools to compare.

To be sure, I am using the most recent version of SL2!

At this point, it's not possible to set the course to 4:3. We are in final review and it would be a great effort to rework the entire course since this one includes custom scenario videos shot by another production company. 

I think I will contact support engineers. Thanks for your time Leslie!