Cannot copy a slider slide and use in another story

I am trying to copy a slider template and use in another project. When I copy the slide (or scene - I've tried both) and paste into another project, the slider variables are not working. I've reviewed the variables and they look the same. I'm sure I'm missing something. But why won't it just copy and paste into another project so I don't have to rebuild? I've included the storyline 360 files for both. 

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Cristina. Happy to help you investigate!

I'm having some trouble reproducing the issue seen in the SLIDER_EXAMPLE.story after going through these import steps with the working file. Here's a short video of the test!

If your steps are different to mine, could you walk me through your process? I'll try to replicate the behavior and let you know what I find!

Karen Sergent

Hi Katie,

Thanks for responding. When you state you can't recreate the issue in Slider.example.story, did you review the slide and try the slider? I tried again and I'm still not getting the percentage changes I set up. 

I also followed the import steps hoping that copying and pasting was the problem. Even following the import steps rather than copy and paste, the slider is still not changing the percentage as it should. 

Here is a link to the Review


Katie Riggio

Hi, Cristina. Thank you for reaching back out, and you're right!

The SLIDER_EXAMPLE_WORKING.story (aptly named) works correctly, and the SLIDER_EXAMPLE.story one does not after import. So sorry for the confusion!

My hunch is that an element on the slide became corrupt during the copy/paste process. When you need to reuse slides from another Storyline course, importing is the way to go!

Let me know if you run into any trouble with importing the SLIDER_EXAMPLE_WORKING.story file into a new Storyline project. I'll be right here!