Cannot copy-paste while file is exporting for translation

Apr 18, 2018

Hello, this is my first post in this forum, and before I contact Support I'd like to ask you about an issue I haven't seen mentioned anywhere.

How to replicate it:

  1. Create a new Storyline presentation, or use an existing one — it doesn't matter, as the issue affects all files I've seen so far. Prefer a text-heavy file so it'll be easier to notice the bug.
  2. Export the file to translation into Word format (File > Translation > Export to Word).
  3. While the file is exporting, try to copy-paste anything on your computer, doesn't matter where and what: a file, a folder, text from a web page/Excel/Word etc., anything. You'll notice that it doesn't work! You can't copy-paste anything while Storyline is exporting a file for translation into Word.


  • Configuration: Windows 10, 8 GB RAM, Storyline version 3.3.15007.0
  • I don't know if this also affects the Export to XLIFF function; I never have time to try and copy-paste text, as the export to XLIFF is almost instant.
  • I replicated the bug on a new software installation on a new machine, which makes me think it's part of the software.
  • Amazingly, the bug affects your own computer even if you're doing the export on another computer via remote control!

This is frustrating, as we get a lot of lengthy Storyline files to translate for our customers, and this means I can't work properly on anything else while Storyline is doing the export. (And using XLIFF instead of Word is not an option.)

Any idea?


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Crystal Horn

Hi Alexis!  Storyline is relying on your Windows Clipboard tool during the export for translation which is why you're seeing reduced functionality of that tool when you have an export running in the background.

It sounds like this is frustrating for you, and I'm really sorry to hear that.  I can share your experience with our product team.

Crystal Horn

You're welcome!  You are pointing out how the current design of the translation feature (using the Windows Clipboard) is causing an issue for you, so I want to get that information to our development team.

We classify bugs as issues where a component in the software is not  working as it was designed and needs to be fixed.  I realize it's just a wording difference, but don't worry - I've shared your experience with the right people!

Mike Song

Wow...this is weird and the software should really explain that this is going to happen.  But now, when I copy and paste pastes what was inside the I get three lines of spanish text where I was trying to copy one line of info from an email!    Now I wonder...if that copied what was in the translation into an email...then did that line of text actually get copied into the translation document????   I guess the key is...don't use your computer when you are exporting a translation.   Is the same true for the import?

Kevin Mc


Can we confirm for definite that using the clipboard while an export is in progress will not interfere with the export?

I am currently exporting from a file that is taking a while and off course I need to get on with my day and do work but this involves using Copy and Paste. I am avoiding copying until this task is completed as I fear whatever I copy may end up in the exported document.


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