Cannot create Articulate ID due to long email? Really?


I was trying to create an Articulate ID after my employer sent me the link to do so and download Articulate 360. However, after clicking on the link and filling the form, I pressed the "Create an Account" and nothing happens.

A colleague also had the same problem, but for him, he got a prompt saying that the email was too long (maximum of 50 characters), which seems to be the same problme as mine.

My work email wasn't decided by me, and when my employer sent the emails to buy licenses for Articulate 360, no one warned them that some emails would be problematic to create IDs.

Is there anything you guys can do to fix this problem, such as increasing the character limit on emails? Can my employer communicate with you so sort this out?

Thanks in advance

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi JC,

I see you posted here in the Articulate Online section of the forums, so I wanted to double check if you're registering for an Articulate ID for an Articulate 360 trial, or if you're trying to set up an Articulate Online account? Could you also let me know what URL you're using to register?

Also, it looks like you may be using a different email, than the one you use here in the E-learning Heroes community (as that one is only 21 characters long). I didn't see any Support cases for you either, but we may want to take this out of the forums so that we can gather some more detail about your email address.