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Stephen Hodge

Hi all, its quite simple to delete (once you've figured it out). On our work system/setup it seems you just need to give your windows user account permission to delete it/give it 'full control'. I assumed this was our office setup not a setting pushed by Articulate. 

To do that you need to: 

  1. Right click icon select 'properties' 
  2. Click security tab and 'edit' (on my machine it asks for admin password)
  3. Add your user account to this list (the login you've used for windows)
  4. With the new user account selected give it full control, ok/apply all changes
  5. Right click icon select delete, good bye icon hello clean desktop


Joseph Francis

In that same vein, Articulate likes to follow Adobe's bad example of NOT consolidating their Start Menu shortcuts into a folder, instead leaving them at the root of the Start Menu. They're shortcuts, which mean they are pointers to the actual applications.

Microsoft has had no problems with its Office shortcuts living in a consolidated directory in the Start Menu for the last 26 years . What makes Articulate so special that they have to pollute the root level of my Start Menu with shortcuts?

George Briggs

First, thanks to Stephen for the instructions on how to remove the Articulate 360 shortcut icon from the desktop! 

Even though this was reported as a problem years ago, it's still an issue. And in my case, I have to contact our Help Desk to log in to my pc remotely and use their Admin credentials to add my login name to the shortcut's properties, just so it can be deleted. 

Now, following an Articulate update, it's back...meaning I have to contact the Help Desk again! Pretty ridiculous that this issue still exists!

Any timeline on getting this issue resolved for all users?