Cannot disable swipe

While struggling to find a workaround with a potential bug in Storyline 360 (, I think I have discovered another bug. When I disable the "Swipe Next" and "Swipe Prev" buttons in the Slide Navigation controls, I am still able to swipe while testing on my mobile. If I disable both Swipe and Buttons, I am no longer able to swipe. 


I have attached the test storyline file. It was tested in Chrome on:

Samsung A5 using Android version 8.0.0

iPhone 6s iOS 11.4.1 (15G77)

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Sophia Larsen


Bumping this discussion as my company is experiencing this issue across the board for the 3rd year now. Our learner's are legally required to complete these trainings so this bug is a HUGE issue for us.

I attempted to use Jared fix above, but he attached only the published files, not the content files. Is there any other instruction/examples for this fix?


Johannes Rosenberg

Hi Sophy,

This works for me:

Create a variable that is false as default, on the quizzes, enable the swipe, set the triggers to jump to slide when user swipes if the variable is true.

This blocks the swipe on quizzes, but it does not seem to work when you review a quiz, when in review you can swipe to next slides only it seems.

Michael Bauer

I like this idea!

I'm stuck though: how do I get a trigger to be swipe only? As in, the trigger is When the user clicks and then when I select the object as Next then the trigger will change to When the user clicks or swipes. I can't find a way though to make it When the user swipes.

... or perhaps I have misunderstood your idea!

Sophy Mortier

Hi Johannes

Thank you for your reply and solution.

I was able to fix my problem before you replied, so didn't try your solution.

I fixed it by pausing the timeline on all my question slide at the end of the timeline. So with the timeline frozen, the learner won't be able to move to the next slide without completing the question.

Thank you

Nicole Desjardins

Is there a fix for this issue yet? I also a have a course that requires users to verify their knowledge of the content on the slide, which cannot happen when the user is able to swipe through the slide. In this course the menu is restricted and I've removed all swipe functionality from the base layers.
It is particularly aggravating because the restrictions work on content only slides.