Cannot display webpage after user clicks email trigger

Dec 02, 2014


I am struggling to find out why the following is happening and would welcome any ideas :-)

I have added the trigger "send email to" to a button. When pressed the Internet explorer tab (that my project is on) displays as per the attachment below and the URL changes to the The email does then pop up and can be sent. The user then has to click back on the browser windo to return to the course. Has anyone come across this? how do i stop this happening


Many thanks


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Emily Ruby

Hello Chris!

In some cases, you may find that a Send email trigger unexpectedly closes the browser window.

Please make sure that you are using the latest update for Storyline which can be found here. The issue was corrected with this update.

i have tested a new file using this update and the window for the course does stay open in Internet Explorer.


chris fuller

Hi Emily, thanks for the quick response. I have downloaded the latest update and tried again. Unfortunately i now get a different error. Instead of the msg "cannot display webpage" i now get:

Navigation to the Webpage was cancelled. And i cannot click back to return to the course...

Any ideas :-)


Many thanks

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