Cannot download trial articulate storyline over articulate 360

I have downloaded 360 - and every time I try and select to download storyline (see attached pic), I get the articulate-360 installer again and again.  I have cleared cache, swopped browsers, used a different IP address and a different ID

Seems other people have the same issue and as to how to fix it ... that's not written up.

So how does this process work -  how do you download storyline?


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james boldiston

For all of you who suffering from the gulf of expectation gap in the HCI sense that is the root of the issue ... here's the solution.

Download app is not the app - it should read launcher and have the note = on install use programs to find the 360 selector -so download apps is or app is not accurate.

Took 15 minutes to assume it was wack HCI - easy to fix