Cannot insert a video from this embedded code

Aug 07, 2012


I am trying to embed a video into a Storyline slide.  When I enter the embedded code I get an error message that says: "Cannot insert a video from this embedded code.  Verify that the embedded code is correct and try again."

I have tested the embedded code using a third party site and it works there.  Does anybody have any suggestions?

Below is the embedded code.  The video is streamed from a player with domain specific security so the video wont play for you but it should show the video and that you are not authorized to view this video as this is what it did when I tested it on the third party site.

<div id="i_0370bbdf5c064371a95a2af77098dde0" style="width: 576px; height: 324px;"></div><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

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