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Nov 13, 2013


I am using Storyline on a MAC with parallels. When I insert an object, it doesnt display correctly. I have tried changing the DPI to 96 per the instructions i saw in a previous thread. This doesnt fix the problem, mostly i think because the adjusted resolution is not saving?

Any ideas?



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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Yuna.

Are you following our tips and best practices for running Storyline on a Mac with Parallels?

If everything is in order there, unsupported DPI settings will definitely cause some wacky object display issues:

If you see anything resembling the above, DPI is almost certainly the culprit.

If you are able to make 96 DPI "stick" and the problem persists, please share a screenshot of the improperly-displayed objects on your machine.  Thanks!

yuna B

Hi Justin,

I had all of the above issues

I could not make the 96 DPI stick only with the instructions. I had to change things for the MAC as well. Apparently, I had two extra layers of complexity:

1. I am on a Mac Book

2. It has retina display

The way that i eventually fixed this was to change the setting of the display from parallels. 

Configuration > Hardware > Video > Scaling

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