Cannot jump to different slide with objects dragged & dropped

May 28, 2015

I've been using Articulate Storyline 2 for about a week now. I have a slide with 5 sliders + 5 drag & drop objects. On the slide is also an image which acts as a button that allows the user to jump to a slide showing instructions. The image/button will initiate the jump to the appropriate slide if none of the drag/drop objects have been moved. However, if any one of them have been dropped onto their targets, the jump-to-slide button doesn't do anything. Any idea what might be going wrong? Thanks in advance!

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Parashuram Vhaval

Hi Johan,

Welcome to community.

To initiate trigger on image that take learner to another slide. You might using conditions to check whether the dragable shapes are normal or any other state. Here, you need to select condition "all of" instead of "any of".

However this is just my guess can you share your file or sample of it here.

Johan Young

Hello, Parashuram. Thank you for the quick response! Actually, the project I am working on is for an upcoming trade show, and as such includes some company policies and secrets; I wish I could share the file, but cannot.

I did try your suggestion but can't jump to the other slide even when no items have been dragged & dropped. I also applied a "user click with conditions based on object states" and it just does not work. Heck, I even tried inserting a hyperlink with no success. This should be simple, right???

Johan Young

Hi again, Parashuram. Well, I went back and created a new layer with the instruction info, and was able to link everything together. I guess working with a layer on top of the slide was more of a direct path than an entirely different slide. And again, thank you for the tip about "all of" instead of "any of" - I'll save that for future reference. Take care!

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