Cannot load published project to LMS


I finished my first project and published it to LMS, selected "Zip" and sent it off to the powers that upload it to their LMS. I got an email from them saying it needs to be a .zip file, not a folder. Unfortunately this IT person is not very forthcoming with assistance as to what they are asking for. Hope you all have some idea.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Barry,

Since Storyline publishes with a number of files, they'll need to be contained in one zip folder, which is what the "publish successful" dialogue box does for you. The other options you have are detailed here, and you may want to share with your IT person to see if they have a different suggestion for how you should send it:

  • View Project: This launches your course in your web browser so you can take a look at your output. If you want to test your published course, though, it's best not to do it this way. Since your published output was created specifically for use with an LMS, you should instead upload your course to your LMS and test it from there, to make sure it behaves as expected in the environment where you plan to use it.
  • Email: This opens up a new email message with a zipped file of your published output attached. This might be helpful if your LMS administrator will upload your course for you, and you need to send him or her the published output for upload.
  • FTP: This pops up a window where you can enter your FTP credentials and transfer your output to a website (which isn't something you'd typically do if you've published for LMS).
  • ZIP: This creates a zipped file of your output in the location you specified on the Publish window. For LMS users, this is the most common choice, because then you can easily upload your entire zipped course to your LMS.
  • Open Folder: This opens a file viewer where you can see the files Storyline just created. There will be several folders and files which are needed to play your course. If your LMS requires that you identify a single launch file once you've uploaded your content, the file to point to is index_lms.html.
Barry Hollembeak

Thank you Ashley,

I forwarded this to the IT people and will see if they respond. In the meantime, this is from their last email to me concerning this issue:

" It’s all in a folder -  not in a zip file. The contents of your folder need to be in one .zip file. The LMS will un-zip and process each file"

How is it possible to get all of the materials in the folder into one file? Maybe terminology is tripping me up. The folder is created by the publish dialogue popup.

I just cannot seems to pull any more from them- very frustrating since this was my first project with them and was hoping for a smoother launch.

I did upload the class to SCROM Cloud and to works there.

Thanks again,