Cannot Open Page Message- Please Help ASAP

I have just been contacted by many of my customers because it appears that none of my Storyline 2 courses will open when using the Articulate app. It appears to be an Apple iOS issue. They are receiving a message that states "Safari cannot open this page because the address is invalid." I did some testing on my end and experienced the same issue. This is a very big issue! Trust is a big thing with my Apple customers. I need some answers as soon as possible. Thanks! 



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Ladd Skelly

I think I found the solution. Unfortunately, it is Articulate app related. Even though I viewed the app to look for an update. I had to delete the app and reinstall it. Now the courses on my server work via my iPad. My customers are not going to like this solution because they will need to inform their Apple customers. Why does this issue with the app only occur on the iOS devices?

Is there a way to circumvent the use of this app via republishing the course? Thanks again for your help and any answers.