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Mar 13, 2013

Hi everyone,

I'm having issues with Articulate Storyline--I need to be able to send the html or swf file to someone to view from their home computer, but we both keeping getting error messages. For the .swf file, I receive an "Error cannot open swf file" and when I use firefox to open the HTML file, it doesn't show anything just a blank screen. I have java and flash both updated and cannot figure out what the problem is.Is it possible to send the file as a different format for people to open from their home computers without internet? How do I do that?


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Helen Tyson

If you publish the course using the CD option you can then select to email the result from the Publish Successful message box.

This will zip it all up and add it to an email with instructions of how to open it up.

You can't just send the swf or html file, it needs all theother stuff too to play it successfully.

Hope this helps


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