Cannot pass quiz on retry


I've got a series of 'draw from question bank' slides, followed by a results slide at the end.

On a first pass, it's possible to pass the quiz.

However, on a retry, it's impossible to pass - getting all questions correct still results in a fail.

I've put in triggers to reset the results slide, so I can't figure out why it isn't allowing me to pass.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

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Luke Mosse

I don't think I can share it unfortunately due to confidentiality issues.

The thing I don't understand is that the quizzes are definitely being reset, otherwise I would see review slides when revisiting. And to do this it required resetting the results slide. However, the results slide itself stops working when retaking. 

Luke Mosse

Hi Wendy

The error appears in both the preview and the published file.

I am viewing it via a webserver, and the error appears both through direct link and over the LMS.

I'm testing in Firefox and Internet Explorer and the error appears in both.

I am using Storyline 2 with the latest updates.

I am viewing html output.




Luke Mosse

Sorry - just saw your edit.

They are individual result slides which don't report to the LMS. The report to the LMS function is handled by a common slide which is redirected to from the 'success' layer of each of the 4 result slides.

The result slide variables for each result slide are unique, they are results..., results2... etc.

Wendy Farmer
Luke Mosse

No. The learner chooses a role and so will only take one route. On passing a quiz route, the 'success' layer redirects them to a common success screen. On failing a route, the 'failure' layer redirects them to a common failure screen.

How many retries do they get before they get directed to the common fail screen?  

Is the retry quiz button on the base of the results slide or the fail layer? 

Sorry it's got me intrigued how it's working

Luke Mosse

The way it works is that they take the quiz, and if they fail, they are redirected back to the content to review it. They see their scores for each 'draw' in the knowledge check (this is done using custom variables, nothing built in). After they review, they can choose to repeat the knowledge check, and they're redirected back. 

I've put reset variables in two places (just to be sure they're getting triggered). Once on the button which links back to the beginning of the quiz (which did reset the question slides). And I've also put in a blank slide at the beginning of each route with a reset trigger on it (and auto-move to next slide) to make doubly sure that the quiz path is being reset.

The retry quiz button is on the base of the results slide, but it's moved off to the right. The standard retry functionality isn't used, but I've enabled the button in case it affected whether or not the quiz could actually be retried.

Luke Mosse

It's very odd. I've put in a variable tracker lightbox so I can see what the variables say. When I check the variables on seeing the failure screen I get the following readout:

Results.PassPercent 80

Results.PassPoints 120

Results.ScorePercent 80

Results.ScorePoints 120

So the success layer should be shown, as the trigger says on condition 'Results.Scorepoints is Greater than or equal to Results.Passpoints'. It's really odd.