Cannot publish my .story

Anybody out there that has tips on reviewing the generated .XML file for errors and reasoning why my .story won't publish to web / offline or even to Articulate Online? This was the case a couple of years ago with Presenter. Yesterday with Storyline I could publish without any issues and today (when I really don't need this happening) I am at a loss. HELP! :-)

Articulate Storyline Error Report

Articulate Storyline Error Report Details

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Jason Peterson

Thank you kindly for your quick response dear Ravindra! :-) I did as instructed and publishing started to work and then crashed shortly afterwards. I have now sent the .story file on to the Support Team - they're having a look at this currently. A possible reasoning they suggested was: "On the error, it is saying that there is an object that has no reference. This usually occurs is there are unused "Text Box" or Objects that has incomplete reference." I will update this Discuss item with the results of their Review for the benefit of others with the same issue(s). Thanks again! Cheers, Jason

Christie Pollick

Hi, Kandi -- I checked for a follow-up on the case Jason had submitted with our Support Engineers and unfortunately, it appeared as though our Engineer Ryan was unable to reproduce the issue initially. After further investigation and communication with Jason, the following was determined:

"Thanks for working with me on this case.  Here's a summary of what we did earlier: 

We isolated the issue by Publishing a new file with HTML5 output selected. 
Imported your file scene by scene to see which scene is causing the issue. 
Deleted a few slides at a time until we isolated the issue is being caused by Slide 2.59 
Removed Slide 2.59 and you were able to publish without any problems."

So, Kandi, as the issue you are seeing could be specific to your file as well, you are welcome to use this form to submit your case for confidential review. Your other option wold be to share it here using the ADD ATTACHMENT button and your fellow community members will be able to make suggestions, as well.