cannot re-size the correct/incorrect explanation box

Hi All,

I used screen recordings, but then I found out the content cannot be seen well on the screen when launched from the LMS. Therefore, I added zoom panes.

Now - problem is - after adding the zoom panes - I need to change the sizes of the hint captions and the correct incorrect explanations. However, I try to switch between layers, but it seems that the correct/incorrect explanation box is not a separate object and I cannot resize it.

Is there a work around?




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Gergana Ivanova

Thanks, Ashley! 

Feeling stupid I didnt realize that on my own :( 

However, if I resize the master slides, the size will be the same on all slides and what I want is to be adopted to the zoom pane that could be in different parts of the different slides. 

I guess that cannot be done.

thanks again!


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gerry -

No worries - we all have to learn somewhere! 

If the zoom pane is in different parts of the slide throughout, you could look at making multiple copies of the feedback master which would correspond to those slides, but that sounds like a lot to set up and a lot of back and forth to ensure you're using the right one.