Cannot search the forums - all queries "no results found"


I was searching for a way to email results of surveys created in Storyline. I found an article, "Tracking Storyline Survey in LMS." I entered that exact title in another search, hoping to find related content. (See images below.)

The search came up "no items matching your search were found." So I tried other searches, including sure things like "articulate" and "storyline." Same result. I used Firefox at first, but then tried IE, as I have no extensions or ad blockers in that browser. That didn't work, either.

Is Search broken?

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Nicola Appel

Hi Charles,

No doubt the search feature on the forums could definitely use a helping hand - we're hoping that the next version of the forums will have a more user-friendly search feature.

In the meantime, you can use which is a Google search on the Articulate community sites.

Hope this helps!