Cannot sign in to Articulate 360 - exceeded maximum number of requests?

I cannot open Storyline, because I cannot sign in to Articulate 360. I just get the message attached--"You exceeded the maximum number of requests. Try again in a while."

I don't even know what that means. I haven't used Storyline 360 on my home computer for at least a week (probably more). I have Articulate 360 installed on one laptop and one computer.

Does anyone know what  gives?

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Tracy Carroll

I thought about that--I get those notification emails, too. I checked the status page and it says the issue was resolved. For me, not so much!

It's frustrating, because I was going to participate in this week's ELH challenge, but that's not going to happen. Right now is the only time I'll have for that this week. Oh, well...

I've opened a support case.