Cannot Stop Slides From Advancing Automatically in LMS

One of our departments created a PPT and requested it be loaded to our LMS. I uploaded it to Storyline 360 and created the SCORM package. Once uploaded to our LMS I assigned it for testing. We found that the slides are advancing automatically. I realized that I had my Slide Properties set to slide advances automatically so I changed them all to slide advances by user. I reloaded the project and still had the same problem. I even went as far as deleting all traces of the original SCORM package from my files and from our LMS and republished the entire project and reloaded it to our LMS... nothing changed. They are still advancing automatically. I'm not sure what I'm missing and have even reached out to our L&D team for assistance, but I think somehow it's directly related to the SCORM package. I did test it by publishing to the web, and had no issues when I viewed my project.

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Susi B

Hi Melissa,

you could test your file on Scorm Cloud to ensure it´s not your LMS which is causing this problem. I couldn´t find any wrong trigger in your file, so maybe when importing the file from the ppt this bug is imported too. Does the ppt has this feature of advancing automatically? You could contact the support team directly and send them your file and maybe the ppt too so they can investigate more. :)


Melissa Bradfield

Thank you both for your suggestions! I think I have finally resolved the issue using a combination of items. First, I did use the SCORM Cloud, which was very beneficial. I happened to find out that the resource I had attached was a copy of the original PPT when I had wanted a PDF instead. So I changed that. Then, using the premise that I was cached on the package, I again deleted everything off our LMS. This time I changed the name of the package ID hoping that would move it off the cached info. Whichever one it was, not sure, but it seems to have worked. The slides are no longer advancing on their own. Thanks for the help!