Cannot submit interaction - keep getting "Invalid answer you must complete questions before submitting"

Hi everyone,

I'm new to SL360, and just built my first file which is intended as a quiz to be uploaded to my LMS website.  However, I keep getting an annoying error message saying "Invalid answer you must complete questions before submitting" when I get to the end of the quiz when I preview it.

I spent some time reading through many similar posts and responses here, and tried a number of things but I'm a bit lost as to how to fix this.  Could someone please take a look at my file for this interaction and help?

Many thanks in advance :)

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Miran Ahmed

Hi Michael,

Yes, I'm previewing the entire project.  I've also tried publishing the project to a TIN CAN (xAPI) zip file and uploading it to my LMS - in both cases I get the "Invalid Answer" message on clicking the submit button, and the result of the quiz (and the completion of the interaction) are not submitted and recorded as xAPI statement outputs