Cannot select button using Enter (ADA navigation), the button is part of a Select One interaction

Greetings -

I have a simple activity that must be both ADA compliant and SCORM compatible. 

To make it submit results (for SCORM) I have a turned one slide into a pick-one interaction. The correct answer is simply the continue/next button. I have done this many times and it works for SCORM. 

However, I have now discovered that the results associated interaction (the next button) is not keyboard accessible. I can tab to it, but when I hit Enter, nothing happens. I major bummer since I have used this type of thing on many activities. 


I am attaching a sample file.  On this one, the button in question is the Continue button on the second slide (the introduction slide). 

Thank you!

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Amy.

Thank you for sharing the .story files!

Let's start with your second one. Since the two options are part of a set (you can only pick one of them), you tab to the answers, then use the arrow keys to move between the options:

Screen Recording 2022-05-13 at 09.34.44 AM

I also looked at your first .story file. The second slide is set up as a freeform question, so it's expecting you to select an answer (Continue) and submit it. Since there's no submit button, it doesn't work. If you remove the freeform, the project works as expected.

I hope this helps!

Amy Nicholson
Hi Maria -
Thank you so much for your demo and explanation of the set and arrow-ing - I did not know that. 
For the Continue button, as I worked through the issue, perhaps I deleted the trigger, my apologies, I usually will have a "submit interaction" trigger associated. 
Still though, the issue remains that I cannot select the button (the continue button) when I hit enter, as with all other items. It should have selected and activated the "go to next slide" trigger. 
I am attaching a simplified version - I added the trigger (submit interaction) and removed a bunch of slides to make it easier to review. Can you look at this again?
Phil Mayor

It is an odd way of doing this, are you trying to capture that they completed the slide?

I think for tab order it is best to go previous and then next, whenever I have had a WCAG review that has been the specified order (not intuitive).

As for your problem, I believe the web convention for radio buttons (which is what a pick one is) means you navigate with arrows and select using space. The convention is then that you have a submit button to commit to selection which will enter/space. I have always found that to have a fully accessible quiz you have to have a submit button.


Amy Nicholson

Hi Phil -

Thank you for your reply - interesting about prev/next - seems that 99% of the time you want to go Next, so sometimes I modify so that option is first, but if its standard the other way - it's easier for me! 

As for the interaction - interesting about the spacebar! I did not know that - it worked! But users will not know this - seems odd that is different than all the other enter functionailty.

I have been ding these for a while and I don't believe I've had this issue before, but perhaps - I need to check some old files- but as for reporting to SCORM, I have been using SCORMcloud (and yes, I am doing this only to capture a completed slide for results reporting). SCORMcloud reports completed, 100%, so this seems to work for that purpose (but now I have this ADA tabbing/entering issue). I wonder if I can customize the key - I will look into that (to make it enter and not spacebar). Thank you for your reply - very helpful!