Cannot view a Published for CD course in mobile.



I have published my course for CD. Installed Articulate Mobile Player. Transferred the published package in my mobile. When I tap Launch_Story.exe, it says: "None of your apps can open this file".


Note: I want to view this course offline. Hence I did not publish it for web.

Please guide.




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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Khan,

Our supported method for viewing content offline is to publish to CD as outlined here. For a mobile device, as Michael shared, publishing to a secure web server and then utilizing the Articulate Mobile Player to view content offline would be the recommendation. Wi-fi would still be required to accomplish this set-up.

There have been conversations previously, such as here, that may be able to help you with your task.

I look forward to hearing how others in the community have accomplished a similar task.

I R Khan

I think I got the point. The only way to view it offline is to upload the content on web server and then download it to your mobile via Articulate Mobile Player and later on delete the content on the server.

I hope, in future there may be some update in Articulate, where we can transfer the content to our mobile and view it directly without any need for web server.


Thanks all for your answers.