Cant resize the shapes or move them in storyline

I suddenly have this problem.  When I add a shape to Storyline I cannot make it bigger or smaller.  I also cannot move it from its inital posiion.

It is like my mouse is not working, but it is working, because I see it moving and it even selects the items.  However when I go to resize or move it, it has problems.

Can anyone suggest what the problem may be.  I checked my dpi and I think it is set for 96.

Thanks in advance

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kris steven

Wow you guys are great.  Christine it worked.   I just restarted the computer.  I am not sure why that worked, but it did.   Ken,  maybe that works too, but my problem was not behind anything.  I had just drawn and image and could not move it or resize it after I had just finished drawing it.   Anyway thanks to the both of you.