Cant view published content locally on computer

I have multiple, completed, published storyline files on my computer that I used to be able to open and double click on the story.html file to launch and watch on my computer before sending to the LMS. Now I suddenly can't get any of these to launch. All I get is a spinning icon that would indicate it's thinking and trying but nothing else happens. I have tried using IE, Chrome, Firefox and Waterfox. If I open the source file and re-publish then watch from the publish box (select View Course) it works fine. 

Why can't I open these published courses from the story.html like I've always done in the past? This is only an issue since April. I've had my IT group check the browser settings and they removed all restrictions and still no go. 

Has anyone else encountered similar problems?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Tabitha,

If you launch a published Articulate project on your local computer and just see a spinning circle or a Flash Player notification, you may be experiencing a new security feature introduced in Flash Player 23 that disables local playback of Flash content.

We’ve rounded up some solutions to help you work around this Flash limitation. Just follow the steps below for your default browser:

We've always recommended testing the published output in the intended environment, knowing that security restrictions on modern browsers could cause an issue.  If you're not ready to upload to your live  Learning Management System (LMS), you could take a look at testing in SCORM Cloud. It's a free, industry standard for testing LMS content. This article will walk you through how to test there! 

Tabatha Dimas

Ashley, I tried the links you posted for Google, IE and FF. They all take me to a SalesForce login screen. Can you please double check the links? Unfortunately, I can't test in SCORM cloud because of company IT/security restrictions. We test locally on our computers to verify branching, links, layout, etc. Once all the kinks are worked out then we post to our LMS 'sandbox' to test completions, reporting, etc.