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Brad Buccambuso

I haven't been able to get any very simple Storyline files to work with Canvas at all. They won't play. I've uploaded with and without HTML5 support, mobile/download toggled & untoggled, published to web & LMS (SCORM 1.2) and they just won't play. They play fine when uploaded to our own server, but not when uploaded and unzipped in "files" using Canvas. Quizzing using Storyline interactive video would be amazing! Our applied tech school would greatly benefit from rapid development in SL.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brad,

Have you been able to connect with your Canvas team to see if they had any recommendations in regards to what the set up should be or ways to get this to work? I don't see a lot of users mention Canvas, but as Emily linked there are some. You may also want to reach out to those specific users and use the contact me button on their profile. 

Brad Buccambuso

No Ashley I haven't. Our Instructure support person sent me a few generic links and that's it. I would think a project deployed as a "web" project would work inside canvas just fine. Hosting on a webserver allows the project to run, but it just spins like it's loading in Canvas, despite following recommendations on how to load a zipped Storyline package up to Canvas. I'll search on.