Caption speech bubbles messed up in Screen recording

Aug 11, 2019

I have a screen recording in which all the caption text that appears in speech bubbles came in  with the speech bubble much smaller and to the left of the caption text within it. I've tried everything I know to right click and reformat the shape, mess with the text, move and stretch the bubble but nothing seems to work.  Do I need to manually redo them all?  Attached is an image and the Storyline file.

Appreciate any help if you have seen this issue before.


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Vincent Scoma

Hey Michelle, 

Thank you for letting us know what you are seeing here and for sharing your file.

I reviewed the file and I am showing the same thing that Sajna is seeing. It looks like the speech bubbles are appearing correctly when previewing the file: 

I do see in your screenshot though that the speech bubble is much smaller though. May I ask which version of Storyline you are using? 

You can locate this in Storyline by clicking on the Help Tab >> Then clicking on About Storyline >> Then a prompt will appear and the version will be shown on the bottom right of that prompt:


Please let me know if you have any additional questions! 

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